Nothing is worse than a bad surprise, so why stay in the dark? Spoiler offers people and companies the chance to provide their properties with a 360° Virtual Reality tour, a digital Floor Plan, industry standard photography and more

  360° VR tour  

Opening a room you've rented, walking through it and being surprised: an experience future generations won't be able to comprehend. Why walk through the door for the first time after you've booked? With our 360° VR tour you'll know where to find the coffee machine before ever setting foot in the property.

Better photos

With todays online booking platforms there is only a very short window to wow customers. The photos you display can make or break a prospective clients interest. Which angles to get, which objects to avoid and which format to choose? Our photographers have been trained to make your property stand out.

Floor Plan

Big decisions require having the whole picture. No matter how great your pictures are, people don't want to eat next to the toilet. Our floorplan can be scanned within minutes, with each wall measurement 97% accurate on average.

About us

Online booking has transformed the way people go about renting everything from office spaces to apartments. The power has shifted more towards the consumer, as they now have access to more information. This development, however, has stagnated in the last couple of years. People are still at a disadvantage compared to owners, who with a bit of tricky photography can raise unwarrented expectations. We propose a solution to this problem, by giving the power to the people in the form of displaying the whole picture, litterally. With a 360 VR Tour, Floorplan and trustworthy high-quality pictures, we guarantee your stay won't be spoiled. 

In turn, the owners of the property gain a superior online presence, with additional content that will award them a better ranking in the algorithms of the platforms. Add to this the new photos and the service of an enthusiastic local and you get a model in which everyone is satisfied, having made the world a slightly better place, one picture at a time.

A guaranteed trained local 

High quality pictures in accordance with our model of angle selection

A 360° VR tour allowing people to walk through your property

A highly accurate Floor Plan to display on online platforms.

Quick service- both in processing your order and in shooting the footage.

All of this for a one-time fee

'No hassle, no extra costs for a bigger square mileage. Our internationally applied method 'fits all sizes'  and allows us to help people with everything from hotel-rooms to home-offices. No additional fees for cameras or manpower.'


Do you have multiple properties and prefer to agree to a custom fee for the whole package? Just get in touch


Now active in all of Europe

After an initial focus on The Netherlands, Spoiler is now expanding its network to fullfill our mission of helping people all over Europe.

Join us!

Interested in making money with your phone without leaving your own city? Get in touch and join our international network of photography enthusiasts who want to protect others from being badly surprised.



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Improve your online presence by having Spoiler provide your properties with 360° VR tours, higher resolution photography and much more!